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Your conference in Luxembourg Munsbach

Welcome your guests at LÉGÈRE HOTEL Luxembourg Munsbach. Quality service, state of the art communications technology, and 375 m² of style and comfort make our hotel the ideal place for conferences, meetings, private parties or corporate events in Luxembourg.

Your conference and meetings at LÉGÈRE HOTEL Luxembourg

At LÉGÈRE HOTEL Luxembourg, you’ll experience hospitality perfected through the years. Personalised touches and customised support from our knowledgeable staff are coupled with state-of-the-art technology and a variety of event rooms for stress-free meetings, conferences, business events, lectures or hybrid events.


LÉGÈRE HOTEL Luxembourg offers room to expand your ideas across its 375 m². Expect high-speed WiFi, light-flooded and air-conditioned rooms, plenty of space to develop your ideas and modern amenities for a luxuriously comfortable stay.


Balance work with leisure when you stay at LÉGÈRE HOTEL, where you can make the most of our business facilities before indulging in fresh regional cuisine.

LÉGÈRE meeting and conference rooms

Conference Room A+B

Area 236 m²
For up to 220 people

Conference Room A

Area 131 m²
For up to 140 people

Conference Room B

Area 105 m²
For up to 120 people

Conference Room C

Area 40 m²
For up to 20 people

Conference Room D+E

Area 98 m²
For up to 80 people

Conference Room D

Area 52 m²
For up to 40 people

Conference Room E

Area 46 m²
For up to 40 people


Area 130 m²
For up to 60 people

Conference packages & upgrades


See our competitive rates at a glance, with flat rates covering all basic event necessities. Bookable from 10 people, we take care of the logistics so you can focus on the enjoyable parts of organising an event.


from € 86 per person/day (all day)
from € 73 per person/day (half-day)

The BE LÉGÈRE Package

Event room equipped with basic amenities, including TV flat screen or a screen and projector, 1x flipchart, 1x pin board, high-speed WiFi, and writing utensils.


Mineral water and apple juice in the conference room. Morning coffee break with hearty snacks, featuring coffee specialities, BIO 5Cups teas, chilled soft drinks and regionally sourced food, with accommodation of dietary restrictions.


Light business lunch, including mineral water and apple juice.


Afternoon coffee break with sweet snacks and fruit.

Hybrid events powered by state-of-the-art technology

Face to face, virtual, or the best of both worlds

With LÉGÈRE Hybrid Events and our partners from Kuchem Konferenz Technik, we combine digital communications with real, in-real-life events.


We offer a variety of hybrid experiences at LÉGÈRE HOTEL Luxembourg, with the ability to hold meetings in many different venues simultaneously. Thanks to our technology partner Kuchem Konferenz Technik, both the live audience and any number of virtual viewers can participate in your event no matter where they are in the world. One event, two unique ways of experiencing it. Whatever your requirements, we’ll plan it out for you with individualised advice, personal support and our unparalleled hospitality.


Book your next hybrid event at LÉGÈRE HOTEL Luxembourg.

Hybrid Events

Incentives & Extras


In need of some team-building moments? Want to give a heartfelt thank you to employees or customers? Celebrating successes, both big and small? We're here to help you get there no matter what you're after.


The knowledgeable and friendly team at the LÉGÈRE HOTEL Luxembourg have years of experience in event planning. With particular attention to detail, a splash of creativity and an emphasis on customer service, we'll make sure yours is memorable for all the right reasons.

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