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This offer is valid in the booking period from 1st October until 15th November 2020, subject to availability. This promotion does not apply to existing bookings.

Légère hotels Bielefeld

Travel Liebefeld. Travel nature. Travel travel. Travel with love. Travel safe. Travel Teutoburger Wald. Travel Germany. Just check in...

Légère express Bielefeld

Liebefeld is calling... Nature culture! Enjoyment culture! Textile culture! Culture culture! Party culture!... Simply culture ;-) Just check in...

Légère express Leipzig

Hypezig is calling... Arrive and be amazed. Spend the night and feel good. Suitcase and backpack. Opera and festival. Museum and lake. Zoo and variety. Canoe and bike. It is up to you...

Légère hotels Luxembourg

Luxembourg? Small but big. Far but close. Culture, but exciting. Adorable but real. Romantic but exciting. Old but modern. European, but international. Just check in...

Légère hotels Wiesbaden-Taunusstein

Taunus. Nature. Take a deep breath. Mountain bike. Active vacation. Experience.
Rheingau. Wine. Enjoyment.
Taunus Wonderland. Family. Discover. Wiesbaden. Explore. Amazement. Just check in...

Légère express Tuttlingen

Smart travel? Smart stay? To experience a lot? Miss a little? Express yourself ;-) Just check in...

Légère hotels Tuttlingen

Lake Constance? Black Forest? Danube Cycle Path? Constancy? Hike? Cycling? Discover? Enjoy? Eat? Drink? Sleep? Or all together? Just check in...

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